PARIS 2024: Auch Berlin und Hamburg waren am Start

Im Journal des OSPC (1-2015) wurde ein erstes Resümee der deutschen Bewerber gezogen: 






Two German cities had expressed their ability to bid for hosting the Olympic Games in 2024: Hamburg and Berlin. The German NOC (DOSB) decided whether it will support the candidacy of a German city in March 2015. But before there have been activities in both cities yet, one - in Hamburg - also leading to a result for philatelists. A little enterprise was engaged in such a way, that it covers the usual printing fee for personalized stamps (to be paid to German Post) and only charges the face value of the stamps. This should promote a wide usage of the Hamburg 2024 (personalized) stamps and allow the fans to express their support.    

Buying a so-called portocard (as this product is described by German Post in its internet offer) for 10 € fans can additionally support the coverage of the printing costs.